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  • Dr. Kaitlyn Zorn ND

September Wellness - Self Care

To finish off the last post in this September Wellness series, I'm going to discuss something that is at the basics of every health foundation - and that is self-care.

When you pour from an empty cup, this accumulates over time and it becomes harder to feel more restored.

When I'm talking about self-care, I'm not talking about hours of time spent.

Self-care can include simple acts of love and awareness for yourself that throughout the day or week amount to much more.

Self-care can be divided into a few different categories: Physical, Emotional & Mental


Go for regular health checkups

Go for a hike

Walk in the park

Do some stretching

Drink 8 glasses of water/day

Eat 3 regular meals (meal plan or do some batch-cooking earlier in the week so you are set)

Take a bath

Rest on the cough with a cozy blanket and some tea or coffee

Get a massage or acupuncture

Practice deep breathing

Give yourself a neck or foot massage

Ask yourself what you need in any given moment (ex. do you need some water, or to move around?)


Journal about your day (what went well, what could have gone better)

Call a friend or family member

Watch a cheesy heartfelt movie

Pet a dog

Set emotional boundaries (surround yourself with those who lift you up)

Meditate or do yoga

Practice good self-talk to yourself

Write a gratitude list

Light a candle or diffuse essential oils


Paint or colour

Do a craft/creative activity

Knit something

Make a new recipe

Read a book/article you're interested in

Learn a new skill

Make a list of short and long term goals (re-evaluate weekly and monthly)

Listen to a podcast

Grow a plant or garden

We've all been there - at the bottom of an empty cup. It's not fun and is a tough place to be in long-term.

Each time you reach for acts of self-care you are slowly re-filling your cup, and with that should come more joy, energy and feelings of fulfillment.

Let me know if I can help you with your self-care - acupuncture, nurturing foods, calming herbal remedies and mindfulness techniques are some of the many strategies that I use to help recharge my patients.

Do you want to chat more? Click here to book a 15 minute Discovery Call for free, or an Initial Consult. Note: Most benefit plans cover some or all of naturopathic consults.

Best in Health & Wellbeing,

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