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  • Dr. Kaitlyn Zorn ND

Finding Resilience during COVID

We are in an unprecedented time during this COVID pandemic.

Fear, anxiety, worry and sadness are common emotions. Resilience can be a helpful tool to cope.

To add on to this, you may also be experiencing struggles with a chronic illness, injury or your mental health. It is normal to see "flare-ups" in conditions and even worsening of moods along with this.

There will always be stressors, and building RESILIENCE is a lasting way to stay afloat.

Think of this analogy: Palm trees are very resilient. During tropical storms a palm tree is able to bend approximately 40-50 degrees to adapt to hurricane winds. Their trunk structure is cylinder, and uses a compact strength making the tree resistant to snapping under high pressure.


1. Foster meaningful connections. By nature we are pack animals, and we return to our packs during times of distress to recuperate

2. Connect with nature. This can be through having houseplants, a garden, or spending time in nature.

3. Discover a new hobby. Maybe you have always wanted to try knitting, painting or baking. Check out websites like Udemy and Skillshare

4. Spend time with animals. Whether you have a pet, or go outside to view wildlife (birds, ducks etc) animals always have a grounding effect.

5. Faith. Faith in a higher power, whatever that may be has been shown to be a source of centering in adversity.

6. Healthy movement. This can include walking, yoga, biking or anything else that gets you moving that you enjoy and can return to when needing a stress relief.

7. Proper nourishment. Its important to nourish our bodies during times of stress with 3 healthy meals and hydration.

8. Music. Music can be a source of stress relief, and place to gather more strength in times of need.

9. A cause. Finding a cause to volunteer for or contribute to can help foster a sense of wellbeing and involvement in the greater good.

10. Gratitude and Self-care. Taking care of yourself by doing things like journalling, a gratitude journal, and allowing yourself to rest can go a long way.

Feel free to connect with me here or by emailing me to book a Complementary Discovery call or Phone Consult.

I'd love to hear how you are coping during this Pandemic, and what resilience means to you.

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