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January Health Resolutions

A new year brings upon us new intentions and resolutions.

This can also bring pressures to live up to expectations that we might have for ourselves.

Before we begin, its important to think about setting realistic goals that set us up for success.


Specific - state what you will do

Measurable - provide a way to evaluate

Achievable - within your scope

Relevant - make sense

Time-bound - with specific date or time

Here is a Naturopathic-related SMART Goal

(And how I can help you :) )

Ex. I want to have more energy and feel refreshed on waking

S - Consult health practitioner for treatment suggestions or investigation on why energy is low (Ex. Thyroid, B12, Iron, diet, sleep, hormones)

M - Rate daily energy levels after starting a treatment (ex. lifestyle, supplement/diet)

A - Yes

R - would like feel rested on waking and have enough energy to do my hobbies at the end of the day

T - Have an energy level of 8/10 on waking, without afternoon crash by February (1-2 monthsof treatment)

Ways that a Naturopathic Doctor can help you with your New Years Goals/Resolutions:

1. More Energy

2. More Balanced Mood

3. Better Digestion

4. Less Pain/Headaches

5. Less Colds & Flus

6. More Balanced Hormones

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