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Food As Medicine - Radishes & Lettuce

This summer I have been growing vegetables in a garden plot up at Ignatius with my partner. We had this last year and it was quite a success. I truly believe that a healthy diet is one of the cornerstones to healthy and vibrant living.

With each vegetable that I harvest throughout the summer, I’m going to highlight the vitamins and minerals that it contains and what they are good for!



These are fun to see come up early in the growing season. I planted them by carrots to mark the rows before the carrots come up.

Health Info: Radishes are a fairly good source of Vitamin C, containing 29% of your daily value. They also have a small amount of B vitamins and manganese. They are very low in calories and contain 1.9 grams of fiber, so they will fill you up a little. Eat radishes to help with allergies.

Use For: Managing Summer Allergies. Vitamin C acts as a natural anti-histamine.

Recipe Idea: Try cutting up radishes for a salad, or dipping in hummus. Or if you a little weird like me, I cut them up and eat them with a bit of salt (as this was how it was done in my household growing up.


This year I am growing Butterhead and Red Sail. Our garden has quite a bit of shade (sad for tomatoes) but this has helped out our lettuce!

Health Info: Lettuces contain Vitamin C just like radishes but also are a source of Vitamin A

Use For: Eyesight and skin. Vitamin A has been shown to improve eyesight, prevent macular degeneration and improve skin.

Recipe Idea: Try incorporating lettuces into a taco salad or Buddha bowl for a spin off of a regular salad. I like this recipe here: https://damndelicious.net/2014/09/10/easy-burrito-bowls/

I hope you have fun with radishes and lettuces! Although these aren't too exciting of vegetables they definitely can spice up salads (particularly the radishes) and freshen up our lunches so they shouldn't be forgotten.

Tune in next Thursday to see what other vegetable goodness is in!

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If you have any good radish recipes I'd love to know them! Or else I'll just be continuing to eat them raw with salt :).

Resource: Dr. Axe

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