Clinical Nutrition & Supplements  

  • Nutritional counselling and dietary advice
  • Supplements for optimal health and for your unique concerns

Botanical Medicine

  • Customized tinctures (herbs in alcohol base) 
  • Medicinal teas 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Assessment using Tongue & Pulse diagnosis 
  • Lifestyle and dietary recommendations using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory
  • Chinese herbs 


  • Acute and local treatments for injuries/pain management

  • Customized acupuncture protocols using TCM Diagnosis for particular health issue (ex. headaches, hormonal imbalances, mood, energy, digestion)



  • Homeopathic intake for both acute and chronic concerns
  • Safe for children, elderly and while taking medications


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Lifestyle Counselling

  • Stress management and counselling (Mindfulness, Cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • Lifestyle techniques such as self-care and relaxation exercises