August Healing for September Wellness

We all know the feeling after labour day weekend when our routines change from the hazy days of summer to full-fledged work hours, back-to-school and all the other busyness that is part of the fall months. The summer nostalgia sets in and we might already feel exhausted and need another holiday. This is why I wanted to write this post about taking the time for yourself for the rest of August so that you can feel well this September. 

Here are some ways that you can tie up the loose ends for yourself over the last few weeks of August:

1) Focus on proper sleep routines. Our body needs sleep to recharge and heal for the next days, and if we are sleep-deprived, or if this is an area of neglect, the rest of our health will show it. 

How you can do this: 

Try to avoid using electronics for 30 minutes before you go to bed, and instead have a calm chat with your partner, child or friend, do some deep breathing/stretching or read a book. This helps the body get into sleepy mode! You can also try inhaling some lavender or drinking chamomile tea. Avoid caffeine after 3 pm, and if you are sensitive to it then after 12 pm. 

2) Go for your health check-ups and get your health back into balance

Immune system run down from allergies?  Digestive troubles? Low energy? Or maybe you have been meaning to get something looked at for some time? Physical symptoms are often signs that the body is out of balance.  Try getting your health all in order before getting back into the fall routines. 

How you can do this: 

Go for your annual check-ups and blood work so you can know that you are taking care of yourself. Treat yourself to that massage you've been wanting for some time, or check out a good exercise class at your gym. 

Hint: You can also get assessed by a Naturopathic Doctor to see how we can optimize your health!

3) Find easy, healthy recipes that you can use for busier months

I find that it's super easy to spend time "looking" at food, whether it be on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, but some of that time can also be used to experiment with recipes that you could be quick, healthy and work for you. 

How you can do this:

If you have a folder, social media account or recipes marked on a magazine, dedicate 1 night a week to experiment with recipes that you've marked down. Another option: look up "Batch Cooking Recipes" that you can make in large amounts to  set aside for the rest of the week. Check out what's seasonal, and available at farmer's markets right here:

4) Find a self-care routine that works for you

There are many ideas on how we can implement self care. Let's get these good intentions and "ideas" into action! We need to make sure to be constantly filling up our own cups so we can feel good for others. In our fast-paced culture its important to show our bodies how to get back into the "rest-and-digest" or parasympathetic mode. Long term stress and not taking breaks leads to high cortisol/sympathetic responses (stress, anxiety, insomnia) and eventually burn out (chronic fatigue). 

How you can do this:

Try the Power Hour Method. Dedicate 1 hour each day to practice different methods of self-care for your body, mind and spirit. Some ideas are: Go for a walk, yoga, journalling, a gratitude practice, mindful coffee/tea, read a book etc. You can use the hour first thing in the morning or break it into 2 half hour chunks.

5) Get into nature

Nature's elements are truly healing. Spending time in nature is enough to reduce stress hormone levels, restore sleep cycles, reduce pain and improve depression/anxiety. 

How you can do this

If you won't be going to a cottage or camping to be fully immersed in nature, then going for a trail walk or hike, gardening or simply sitting in your backyard by some plants is enough! Another fun idea is to go cut some wild flowers around where you live to put around your home. 


I hope that this was helpful for you to make the most of your August to set you up well for September!

And remember, if you need me for an energy boost, stress/anxiety reduction and self-care strategies book a 15 minute Complementary Meet & Greet or an Appointment by clicking here.